Dare. Skinny. Love

This is it

I have actually eaten so little that if I do eat a human amount for one day I get bloated and sick. I can’t handle it. I have to stop eating so I can pass my fucking exams.


Mirror & Scale


Looking into the mirror

Is my fiercest competitor

Stepping on the scale

Makes me feel like a fail

The number sitting there

Will always seem unfair

So why do I do this every day

If it always brings me dismay

It’s because I need to know

How many pounds have to go


Written by the amazing and beautiful El!!:) -Marissa

I AM SO FREAKING TIRED OF THIS DISORDER I CAN’T EVEN GO OUT TO EAT WITH MY FRIENDS BEFORE A DANCE. ITS MAKING ME LOSE ALL MY FRIENDS AND MY FAMILY DOESN’T EVEN LOVE ME ANYMORE. I’m crying in my room I don’t want this anymore. I hate it and its making me hate myself. If I had known all this was going to happen I would’ve stopped when I started. The weight loss wasn’t and isn’t worth it.

I’m Done. Done with all of it. I want out.